What our clients say

In Montblanc, we support our clients in effectively achieving their business vision and strategy, we add value to their organizations through tangible and high impact results.

Montblanc did a great job helping us to evaluate an acquisition. Their comprehensive approach placed the strategy perspective along with operational and financial results of the company and market trends and competitive landscape, which translated for us in a very powerful and holistic view of the target value and potential. This helped us to better prepare for the eventual integration phase. Their approach is different that of traditional advisors

Patricio JottarCEO CCU

Three years ago we did our first project with Montblanc. They did a very professional and high impact project, both in strategy and corporate governance. I decided to work with them again, we have worked on several proyects with them, all successful. Montblanc has earned my trust based on results, I am very pleased to continue working with them

Ignacio del RíoChairman Grupo San José Farms

Montblanc contacted us to offer pro bono support on strategic issues, we are very grateful of their work. They quickly understood the Foundation, its organization and its culture, and showed a sincere commitment to our mission. In a short term they identified the major challenges. They worked with us and market data, they did an objective valuation of the necessary changes to enable us achieve our goals in a better way.They have a remarkable ability to structure problems, deepen on key issues, and drive change

Felipe ValenzuelaCEO Fundación Las Rosas

In my experience this kind of project are complex, and often carry a sense of unconfort within the organization. Montblanc’s work was excellent in this regard, we didn’t have any of such issues. They actively involved the organization, our team was convinced and was responsible for the changes. They exceeded the initial goals, and we reached them without problems

Patricio LecarosCEO Empresas La Polar

We have worked with Montblanc in various areas and topics, their work is very complete. I like their approach, incorporating global benchmarks and best practices, inviting experts in specific subjects and working with our team to elaborate meaningful and down-to-earth recommendations with both objectivity and rationality. They helped us to prepare for growth, with a clear perspective on strategy and the commitment of our team

Roberto BianchiCEO Metro

Montblanc helped us to identify our customers perception, and then to improve our service to them. They understood our business complexities and delivered effective and high impact recommendations in our operations

Darko LouitCEO Komatsu Chile / 2014

They quickly learned our business, with a sharp and new perspective. They helped us to focus the board of directors to the key business issues. Thanks to their work, today we face the board of directors issues in a more structured and effective way

Joaquín CortésChairman Corp Group Vida

Our work and business culture is essential for us; Montblanc was able to understand and work with the entire organization in an integrated, professional and pleasant manner. They assisted us in finding and capturing high impact opportunities, engaging our managers, professionals and operators from the start

Alejandro NashCEO CMPC TIssue / 2014

Montblanc helped us realize the importance of value creation as a center element in our operational and commercial strategy, and also to later implement the required changes to make it stick. Their ability to manage the entire process was key for us achieving results within the timeframe proposed

Marcelo DutilhCEO Isapre Consalud

We have worked with Montblanc on various projects related to supply management, with very good results and a proven return on investment. Their work is professional, hands-on and their commitment to achieving results is remarkable.

In a Large Service Contracts Optimization project, Montblanc applied its cost estimation methodology and showed us that a particular Service provider was 70% more expensive than market value. We met with the supplier to renegotiate and adjust the contract based on the analysis made and the latter indicated that these calculations were not correct and would not renegotiate. We then decided to tender the contract and we closed at a value equivalent to that which Montblanc had anticipated for us. Once again they showed us their capacity and professionalism with concrete and measurable results.

Francisco RojasPurchasing and Logistics Manager Engie Energía Chile / 2018

Montblanc has accompanied us in several projects in order to improve productivity and organizational effectiveness. They understood and handled our culture very well. In the most recent project, their support was decisive in achieving structural changes in our holding group, and establishing a comprehensive productivity program. I also want to emphasize that their initial diagnosis was very accurate and we achieved tangible results in line with our joint goals

Jacqueline SaquelDevelopment Manager CMPC / 2016

Montblanc supported us in Supply Chain, achieving quick and tangible results, thanks to 3 practices that I would like to highlight and that they manage to combine in a successful way: 1. Rational, incisive and quantified understanding of the best management practices and the path to implement them, 2. A constant incorporation of our staff in Montblanc’s training, development, personal commitment and 360º communications through the project, and 3. Support in field project management, disciplined and constructive. They help us achieve savings in certain items, that improved our performance indicators by 30%, within the year

Axel LevequeCEO Engie Chile / August 2016

Montblanc did a great job helping us define Empresas SB Business strategy​. They proposed an active and comprehensive agenda for the Board, which included interactions with managers, executives and international subject matter experts. I am very pleased with the results and general achievements of the project, a direct consequence of a solid, well-structured, professional and highly inclusive process, all of which was part of Montblanc’s engagement proposal. We are enthusiastic about the tangible results so far, and can expect them to increase in the future

Luis Enrique YarurChairman Empresas SB / Agosto 2016

Montblanc was a great support for us in redefining the strategy of Empresas SB, strengthen the value propositions of each retail and focus on the projects and tasks that allow us to gain efficiency. All of the above in a friendly, professional and co-built environment

Matías VerdugoCEO Empresas SB / August 2016

In an inclusive process, Montblanc aptly incorporated entrepreneurs and volunteers of Endeavor Chile’s network, to develop a strategic program of change. This program is a landmark in the foundation’s history, and still serves as our main guide today

Salvador SaidDirector Endeavor / August 2016

Montblanc performed an accurate and solid diagnosis of the organization, using tools such as benchmarks and practical and inclusive methodologies to identify gaps in our processes. They prepared our team to design and implement improvements. We are completely satisfied with their work and commitment, so we continue to work together

Richard KouyoumdjianCEO Indumotora / August 2016

We worked with Montblanc in the design and strengthening of our corporate structure and in the implementation of their recommendations. The transformation process was successful, supported by Montblanc we went from a management based on perceptions to one with objective and communicated indicators, which allowed us to improve the effectiveness of our organization

Nicolás AnastassiouCEO Interexport / Agosto 2016

We have worked on several projects with Montblanc. They have always shown great commitment, dedication in the field work and ability to manage complex projects with our teams. We continue to work with them because they have consistently achieved the results we expected, and even excedeed them. We have worked with other international consulting firms and, on issues related to operations, I would say that Montblanc is at a great level, compared to major consulting firms

Juan Carlos BarreraVP SQM Salar / Agosto 2016

Montblanc helped us from the diagnosis until the capture of substantial opportunities for productivity improvement. Their team understood our business and culture, challenged us deeply, and managed to encourage us in a complex process. They have far exceeded expectations, and with tangible results

Ricardo GarcíaCEO Camanchaca / 2018

Montblanc contributed greatly in order to install the Client at the center of our daily work and with it, to implement a commercial strategy that responds to the needs of each client

Ulises PoirrierCEO Inacal

Montblanc’s approach, along with rapidly deploying digital applications, allowed us to increase visibility and control without losing the flexibility that characterizes SQM projects

Rodrigo MaffiolettiProyect Manager SQM

We worked with Montblanc in order to transform our Supply Chain processes. After a precise diagnosis in the field, we built the Sales and Operations Planning process and support tools to implement a first-class process adapted to the local context. The process was complemented with the necessary training and preparation of all the people involved

Enrique PagolaCEO Imcruz / 2019

I have great confidence in the work that Montblanc does, we have developed numerous projects with them and they always bring a different and fresh perspective to different problems that we have faced. They keep up to date with trends in the industry, their work is a good balance between analytical and field work, which translates into very appropriate recommendations

Carlos DíazVP of Potassium and Lithium Operations SQM / 2020