Who we are

In Montblanc we are all part of and Excellence team, committed to creating value for our clients. Integrity, Innovation and Problem Solving Skills are part of our DNA

Clients recognize us for our excellence and a close work experience. We are convinced that this is the basis for achieving high impact results.

What we do

“We transform seemingly impossible challenges into concrete results, being catalysts for the improvement of society’s productivity”

Our Team

In Montblanc we are all part of and Excellence team, committed to creating value for our clients.
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Project Leader
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Project Manager

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board provides guidance in ​the ​definition of our firm’s strategy, delivering insight and first class experience.

Our Clients

In Montblanc, we support our clients in effectively achieving their business vision and strategy, we add value to their organizations through tangible and high impact results.
Return on Fees

What our clients say

  • “Montblanc did a great job helping us define Empresas SB business strategy”

    Luis Enrique Yarur
    Chairman Empresas SB
  • “Montblanc helped us identify and understand our customers perception, and then improve our service to them”

    Darko Louit
    CEO Komatsu Chile
  • “They helped us focus the board’s vision and discussion on the key issues of our business”

    Joaquín Cortez
    Chairman Corp Group Vida
  • “Montblanc aptly incorporated entrepreneurs and volunteers of Endeavor Chile’s network to develop a strategic program of change”

    Salvador Said
    Director Fundación Endeavor
  • “Montblanc helped us in our Supply Chain process, reaching improvements of 30% that we were able to capture within the same year”

    Axel Levecque
    CEO Engie Chile
  • “I like their approach to consulting, using benchmarks and world-class practices”

    Roberto Bianchi
    CEO Metro
  • “Montblanc did an exceptional job supporting us in evaluating an acquisition. Their integral vision of the operation, strategy and financial results, contributed in a short span of time, was very powerful for our final decision”

    Patricio Jottar
  • “Their ability to solve complex problems in different areas is excellent”

    Ignacio del Río
    Chairman Grupo San José Farms
  • “They quickly understood the Foundation, its organization and culture, and showed a sincere commitment to our mission”

    Felipe Valenzuela
    CEO Fundación Las Rosas
  • “They exceeded the initial goals, and we were able to implement them without issues”

    Patricio Lecaros
    CEO Empresas La Polar
  • “Their managing abilities throughout the process made an enormous difference in achieving tangible results”

    Marcelo Dutilh
    CEO Isapre Consalud
  • “Montblanc supported us with a fast, accurate and informed diagnosis of the organization”

    Richard Kouyoumdjian
    Gerente General Empresas Indumotora

Business Cases

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    Application Process

    Value creation and service orientation defines our business; the key element for achieving the excellence in our delivery is our team of consultants. After undergoing a rigorous selection process, our consultants are chosen among many because of their personal charisma, enthusiasm, intellectual curiosity, analytical strength, work commitment and empathy.

    • Work in a highly professional context
    • Be part of a worldwide connected firm
    • Boost your professional learning